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A propellant is the driving force (or engine) behind aerosol delivery. They can either consist of a liquefied gas or a compressed gas.
Liquefied propellants are gases that exist as liquids under pressure. As the aerosol is under pressure, the propellant exists mainly as a liquid, but it will also be in the head space as a gas.  As the product is used up as the valve is opened, some of the liquid propellant turns to gas and keeps the head space full of gas.  In this way the pressure in the can remains essentially constant and the spray performance is maintained throughout the life of the aerosol. The propellant is an essential element in the formulation.

The main industry where LPG in its natural odourless form is required is in fact the aerosol industry, where it is considered an ideal ’propellant’.  
Aerosol propellant grade LPG consists of high purity hydrocarbons derived directly from oil wells, and as a by-product from the petroleum industry.
It consists of a high purity mixture of propane, isobutane and n-butane. By the combination of these substances with regard to their different physical-chemical parameters, the producers of aerosol preparations achieve the required pressures inside aerosol cans, which ensure their problem-free use for the end customer. They are used in most aerosols today and have been used for many years in household aerosol products (especially for water-free environment or for products with small water content). 

Aerosol Propellant is used by manufacturers of Pesticides, Air-fresheners, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Spray Paint and Food grade packaging material.


  • LPG has a significantly lower cost when compared to other propellants such as Dimethylether (DME) and Chlorofluorocarbons like 134a and 152a.
  • LPG is a stable and pure propellant compound.
  • LPG is an odourless, non-corrosive and non-toxic gas.
  • The propellant is made up of natural compounds.
  • LPG offers a wide range of applicable vapour pressures and boiling points.
  • LPG is a versatile and efficient propellant.


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