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Singe and burn down


Though fabric singeing is a well established and long known process, it is relevance today to the modern finisher is greater than ever before. The constant demand for better quality fabrics, particularly blended fabrics with their susceptibility to pilling, has focused more attention on the singeing machines.

LPG powered singeing machines can eliminate pilling of polyester blends, improve the fabric surface and retaining soft fabric while fabric tension is controlled throughout the machine in accordance with the type of fabric being singed. It can also be used for singeing single yarns, twisted high-grade yarns for voiles, poplins, mercerized knitting yarns and sewing threads, especially mercerized and embroidery yarns.

With LPG singeing machine, the fabric can pass over a burning gas flame at such a speed that only the protruding fibres burn and the main body of the fabric is not damaged by the flame with efficient and superior quality.


LPG singeing machine has good safety measures. The burners, control systems and auxiliary equipment are constantly monitored by a safety system which automatically turns off the machine in the event of any malfunction. Its flexibility with individual spindle drive helps to increase significantly the production efficiency.

It provides flame with high mechanical and thermal energy to quickly burn thermoplastic protruding fibres without any molten beads formation


  • Clean, smooth fabric surface
  • Highest flexibility with individual spindle drive
  • Best reproducible singeing quality
  • Clearly distinguishable fabric structure
  • Reduced soiling tendency
  • Clear outlines of patterns on printed fabrics
  • Most  LPG run singeing and burning down machines can run on LPG and/ or Petrol and as such affords a maintenance free operation