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Heating (Outdoor)

Outdoor heaters are relatively new gas concept which provides simple solutions to outdoor heating. They come in various forms such as the standard gas heater, fixed heater and fixed wall heater keeping customers warm with instant economical heat. Heaters used outdoors are portable and growing in popularity. It is great for in home use, garages, cabin, camps, picnics, outdoor baths, beer gardens, hunting, pubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants as well as for emergencies when the power goes out.

LPG powered outdoor heaters provide comfort in frigid outdoor settings and are one of the most widely used heating appliances for temporary outdoor heat. It is fast, flexible, and safe outdoor heating alternative. They provide outdoor heat through radiant infrared heaters, forced air heaters and convection heaters.

In the sport and leisure sector, LPG heaters are used for various activities. The racecourse requires a dependable heating and hot water system that could satisfy the high demands placed on it at peak times during the day. In the hospitality industry, LPG outdoor heaters are the ideal solution to providing warmth and comfort to beer gardens, restaurants, hotels, cafes. For residence, LPG fixed wall heaters is suitable for premises with fixed awnings

Outdoor LPG heaters deliver an economically desirable, reliable, environmentally friendly energy source that seamlessly replaces or supplements electricity and natural gas.


  •  Occupies no floor space: More room for customers, tables and seating
  • Safe: It is permanently installed at high level and safe area which makes it safe.
  • Low running costs: Gas fired radiant heating is inexpensive to run - about 4 cent per hour per m2 of area heated
  • Convenient- Switch it on and off like a light.
  • Easy to manage: Gas is piped so no handling or storage of bulky and heavy gas cylinders.
  • Costs can be controlled - can be switched on or off via time clock or occupancy sensor