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Waste Management

Proper waste management is vital in today's world. The communities especially in the developing countries are very sensitive about indiscriminate dump of waste and call for proper management of waste. Residential and industries now generate more waste than ever. LPG powered equipment can be used for proper management of waste.

Incineration is a notable solution to the disposal of waste. Incinerators are used throughout a wide variety of sectors such as medical and hospitality industry, emergency services, government agencies, poultry, pigs, and cattle farms. LPG incineration is an efficient, economic, bio-secure solution for the disposal also of hazardous waste. It can be used to dispose off many various types of waste and are, in particular, an efficient and desirable option for the safe, bio-secure disposal of diseased animal carcasses.

Waste generated in the kitchen that can start deteriorating within hours, can be properly disposed with LPG run equipment.

Recycling machines used to recycle parts of the waste can also be run with LPG. They are cost effective and a vital alternative to other fuel source equipment.

LPG can also be used to control unwanted weeds in farms without the fear of pollution of soil, the environment and ground water. It can also be used to turn greenhouses as carbon fertilizer since LPG increases the leaf mass of the plants.


  • LPG waste machines are compact, fuel efficient and easy to run.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to run
  • Efficient, low-cost disposal
  • Controlled environmental emissions
  • Low maintenance costs


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