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Water Heating (Industrial)

For the continuous production of hot water in commercial and industrial applications, gas fired water heaters are the perfect answer. They achieve efficiency and economy of operation by separating the hot water generation from the space heating requirements.
The heaters can be sized to accommodate specific applications and in many instances, located close to the point of use thus eliminating transmission losses and reducing installation and running costs.
For applications where there is a constant demand for hot water or where demand peaks at specific times (ie sports facilities and hotels) fast recovery rates ensure there is plenty of hot water when it is needed. Of particular significance to the healthcare and education sectors, gas fired water heaters eliminate the conditions that allow legionellae to be present.
System options include continuous flow, high efficiency LPG hot water systems as well as Gas Boosted Solar units, condensing boilers and conventional water storage heaters. Hybrid water heaters combining Gas Heat Pump technologies can provide very high efficiencies and reduce running costs.


- LPG systems function even at freezing temperatures.
- LPG hot water systems are quiet. 
- The use of LPG eliminates worries about peak and off peak electricity rates.
- Usually space efficient with little visual pollution for better aesthetics.