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Cooking, Street Cooking

In many countries, street food is a way of life and street food is probably one of the most popular uses of LPG

It is the fuel of choice as it is easily available in all sizes of LPG cylinders, perfectly mobile and provides safe, controllable heat for all street cooking needs. 

There are a wide variety of cooking solutions available to street cooking professionals that help deliver great, perfectly cooked food of all types.


LPG offers significant advantages as not only being mobile, immediately available and offering high cooking power, but is also very economical and with low emissions to the environment.


LPG is the most flexible of all energy sources for street cooking and responds perfectly to the needs of millions of street cooking professionals around the globe.

It offers various benefits. The most attractive of these is the fact due to its cleaner combustion, directly cooked meals are healthier (especially when direct flame cooking methods are applied) because toxic fumes and flames do not contaminate cookery. Others include the production of an instant flame as well as controllable heat due to its blue flame.

It is efficient, facilitates easy cooking and is cost effective.


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