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Farmers across the world rely on LPG as an adaptable power source to keep their businesses growing. LPG allows them to meet the challenge of staying competitive in the modern agricultural environment,  whilst maintaining a commitment to sustainable development. No other fuel offers a comparable combination of portability, accessibility and convenience of use. LPG is used to increase the production and quality of farm products through crop harvesting, crop drying, weed flaming and other uses as below.

Typical applications of LPG in Agriculture include:

  • Constant temperature control for brooders
  • Hot water for sanitation and other uses 
  • Space heating for poultry sheds, fish farms, greenhouses and nurseries
  • Cost effective power generators
  • Forklift fuel 
  • Flame weeding and pest control without chemical
  • Handling and processing of meat and other food products
  • CO2 generation for plant growth enhancement.
  • Drying produce such as cotton, grains, milk products, nuts & tobacco
  • As a diesel fuel substitute, in machinery, to reduce costs and emissions

Whether used for livestock-rearing, crop-drying, weed and animal waste disposal or simply fuelling agricultural machinery, LPG is an essential tool for the contemporary farmer; clean combustion ensures crops, feeds and litter are not contaminated. The CO2 by-product can be diverted and repurposed to increase yields in greenhouses whilst  the moist heat given out by LPG can help induce rapid, even feathering of poultry.

As farmers seek more environmentally friendly production methods, LPG is the clear choice. It enables farmers to achieve responsible results, that is, farming can be done organically and efficiently. LPG provides a cleaner, greener, versatile energy source for farmers, whatever the application, LPG is a viable alternative fuel ready to power modern agriculture all across the world.