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Professional & Commercial

Millions of businesses, from restaurants to hotels, to independent smal professionals, to contractors, rely on LPG as an energy source for numerous applications. It is the ideal fuel choice for businesses that are off the grid, not conncted to the mains gas.  

Portability allows LPG to be used in any location. The instant and controllable cooking flame that the  LPG produces is what chefs are looking for to provide the flexibility and reliability their kitchens require to run smoothly. LPG’s availability allows businesses in all corners of the world to develop using clean and safe energy. When compared with other conventional fossil fuels, LPG proves to be much more cost effective for commercial heaters and boilers offering both economic and environmental advantages.

Whether it is used in refrigeration, in illuminating road signs, powering commercial kitchens in bars and restaurants or for various uses in the garden, for heating at outdoor worksites or with torches, burners and flamers by jewelers and contractors for soldering, welding and flame cutting, the LPG’s unique properties make it an exceptional energy for businesses.