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Paper Industry

The paper industry is another industry that relies heavily on LPG. The high level of competition in the paper sector has brought about the modernization of production facilities, generating heavy investments.

All paper making involves the supply of large amounts of heat to dry the fibre water slurry and convert it into water-free paper.

After the pulping process, paper drying is the second most energy intensive process in the paper mill. The drier section consists of series of driers which are normally steam heated cylinders. The most recent technological advancement has been LPG infrared (IR) technology.

The IR units do not directly replace the steam cylinders but are used to supplement steam drying. LPG-fired heaters are used for relatively small scale production and to correct any imbalances during the drying process which could affect the paper quality.

LPG is used for the drying of coated papers at the later stages of paper processing which involve the utilisation of dying and printing and other specific process where processes must occur extremely fast. High temperature LPG radiant panels are used to ensure that each printed page is completely dry before it is stacked to prevent transfer of wet print from one page to another.

 In (web) offset printing, LPG can be used to burn and clean off residual paper and ink form the web before it returns to press.