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Aviation / Airports


With both the cost and environmental challenges facing the aviation industry in recent years, LPG remains a very viable solution that can mitigate the two daunting challenges. LPG influence is growing in the sector; it powers ground service equipment such as pushback tugs, baggage cars and handlers, air starters, belt loaders, tow trucks, catering vehicles, cleaning vehicles, in ensuring a hitch-free ground operation. It can also be used for electricity generation through mobile, portable or backup generators, as well as heating and lighting purposes. Existing equipment at the airports can also be converted to run on LPG that is more economical, providing better reliability and ease of maintainance.

In addition, LPG can be used for fog clearing purposes with specific Airfield De-foggers.                

The benefit of such a switch shows LPG ground service equipment powered by LPG performing reliably and producing fewer emissions than similar equipment fueled by gasoline or diesel.