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Chemical, Plastic, Rubber Industry

With the development of petrochemical industry, LPG has developed into as a basic raw material (feedstock) for chemical industry.

In chemical production, LPG can be turned into petrochemical gases such as ethylene, propylene, butylene, butadiene, etc. This is done via separation processes in order to produce synthetic plastics, rubbers, and fibres as well as in the production pharmaceuticals, explosives, dyestuff, etc.

In industrial processes in the chemical industry, LPG is used as a fuel for process heating (through steam), roasting and drying of chemicals.

In the plastics industry, LPG is used for heating in the injection and rotational molding processes used to produce a wide variety of plastic articles such as bottles, storage tanks and containers.

The rubber industry is responsible for a wide variety of items: from the simple eraser to the more complex formula one tyre. The primary application of LPG in this industry centres on the steam boiler. Steam is a major heat source for rubber processing (the other being electricity). This heat feeds mixers, curing presses and autoclaves.

In the manufacturing of expanded polystyrene, LPG is used as a common special “blowing” agent 

Another growing application of gas is the replacement of electric resistances in autoclaves with muffled gas heaters.

Chemical, Plastic, Rubber Industry
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