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Metal Working & Blacksmith Profession

Modern life is possible because we have metals and we know how to use them. They support our buildings and bridges, allow us to fly, sail and get around, and are fundamental in industry and trade.

The production of metals has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last 300 years. The vast industry uses millions of tons of metal every year, with even non-industrial societies using ever more metals for the most varied of purposes. The history of mankind in the last nine thousand years has been the history of metals, as it is with these that we have built the world we live in. 

Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or large-scale structures. The term covers a wide range of work from large ships and bridges to precise engine parts and delicate jewelry. It therefore includes a correspondingly wide range of skills, processes, and tools.

Metal Working & Blacksmith Profession
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