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New Case Study LPG for Electrical Power Generation in the U.S. Virgin Islands

New case study added in the energy/power generation page. The U.S. Virgin Islands has set a new model for other island power authorities and small utilities serving in confined areas to consider adapting to. Their conversion to LPG for electrical power generation, is the first project of its kind and hopes to pave a new path for clean, affordable power. The U.S. Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) believe LPG electrical power generation, allows for more people to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, less expensive fuel, that benefits both the utility and the consumer, and at the same time improve air quality.

New case study added in the energy/power generation page. The U.S. Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA), is the primary source of water and power production and distribution in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where 92% of electrical power was generated by No. 2 fuel oil and 8% by solar. 

The U.S. Virgin Islands’ conversion to LPG represents the best possible near term project as a way to reduce costs for power generation. It is a project that benefits all in providing affordable power and water.

Published on 31 August 2016

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