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The Cavagna Group has launched its new ultrasonic smart meter: Prodigi4.

One kind of smart meter that really stands out is the ultrasonic smart meter, precisely because it is so accurate over the long term. 

The Cavagna Group proudly introduces its Prodigi4 Ultrasonic Smart Meter (G2.5-G4), which can be used for natural gas and propane. This smart meter belongs to the new generation of smart devices developed and produced by the Cavagna Group using an innovative, high-performance ultrasonic sensor. Having no mechanical parts, the ultrasonic meter will not suffer from performance degradation; furthermore, it has been recognized for its accuracy and high reliability. The Prodigi4 meter can send information using RF, GSM and ISM technology. In this way, it allows gas companies to manage their networks more efficiently, while at the same time letting them be more transparent with their customers. The result is a better-informed, more reliable consumption model. The meter’s notable main features include an ultrasonic flow sensor, stainless steel body, and step-motor valve for remote control and gas shut-off. It allows for smart billing or smart prepayment, and it has a simple user interface. In addition, the communication battery can be replaced through the front cover. An earthquake sensor can also be included as an optional feature.

The Prodigi4 smart meter for the measurement of natural gas was previewed last June at the WGC in Washington. The propane version will be introduced in October during the WLPG Forum in Houston, Texas.

Published on 4 September 2018

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